Bare Bones Strength and Conditioning

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This book is intended to hammer home the Greyskull "minimum effective dose" (MED) concept , using next to no equipment, and is designed specifically for three primary types of individuals:


  • The "couch potato", brand new to training who is looking to increase strength and conditioning, shed fat, and build muscle at home before moving on to a more conventional barbell training program like the Greyskull LP.
  • The active trainee who may be in a "rut" or who is looking to take a "vacation" from conventional training for a while, getting harder and leaner in the process. 
  • The active trainee (or one who graduated from one of the above levels) who wants to incorporate these "foundational elements" as plug-ins to the Greyskull LP in pursuit of a more well-rounded, ultimate level of strength and conditioning.


Regardless of where you fall in this spectrum, this book will provide you with loads of guidance and challenges that will serve you well in pursuing your fitness goals. 

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