Blueprint to Beast/ Greyskull Methods Two-Day Hybrid Event June 1-2

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This seminar product is quite simply unlike any other in the industry. 

On June 1st I will be opening the doors of Greyskull for the first time in a year for a one-of-a-kind hybrid seminar event.

For the first time ever I will be hosting a two-day camp covering both the material in my upcoming, life-changing, maximum life performance release, Blueprint to Beast, and all of the methods detailed in my training releases such as "The Greyskull LP", "SWOLE", "Drop the Panties", and the "Twelve Weeks at Greyskull" series.

Each of the two days will be divided into two sessions, with the first 
being dedicated to education and hands on application of the "Blueprint 
to Beast" materials, and the latter segment functioning as something of 
a directed open gym with myself and University of Penn Strength Coach 
Jim Steel present to coach and lecture on all things training related.

There will be an after-party event after the first day where all
attendees will be able to socialize, eat, drink, and in all other ways
experience my legendary hospitality.

This is the first event of its kind, and represents both a value and
 opportunity that has never been available to anyone except those in
the Greyskull/Villain inner circle. 

Take advantage of this special offer and register for the event now.
 Get instruction on the success principles needed to make massive
change for the better in your career, relationships, finance, and life 
mission, as well as the methods used by myself and Jim Steel to build the 
powerful, capable bodies that we are known for aiding others in
 developing. You will definitely want to be there and experience this event 

More on what you will receive:

Eighty percent of success in life occurs in the mind; Twenty percent is in the actual mechanics.

Success in training, whether for the purpose of strength development, conditioning for life or sport, body transformation, mass gain, fat loss, or any other conceivable goal adheres to the same principle.

In this groundbreaking product, Johnny Pain will present (as only he can) on the all important Eighty Percent. 

You will learn exactly what separates those who get precisely the results that they want from their training efforts from those who simply "spin their wheels", and how to communicate with yourself in a manner that will change the "software" in your brain into that of a person who makes short work of their goals and considers no task or endeavor to be out of their immediate reach. 

Have you invested time and money into coaching, books, or other products in pursuit of your goal(s) only to find yourself coming up short or not making the significant progress that you desire?

  • You'll learn JP's Success Formula for creating clarity in your individual situation (Coaches, and those who work with others, you'll learn how to apply these principles to your clients and take your training business to the next level, building a solid reputation for producing result unparalleled by others).
  • You'll formulate a new standard for yourself and what you are willing to accept as your identity.
  • You'll identify and destroy patterns of beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your goals, replacing them with new, productive beliefs that will make you incredibly resourceful on your mission to greatness.. It's amazing how many of these limiting beliefs you'll discover you're carrying around, completely unaware of the carnage they're causing.
  • You'll discover the methods used by JP in developing the habits necessary to set forth an incredible, and unstoppable amount of momentum that will literally make you laugh at how simple your goals actually are to reach. The laughs are a regular thing during the "duh" moments that JP's clients experience during a consult call when they discover through JP's unique process just how easy it actually is to manifest exactly what they want without compromise. 

There will be an extensive Q and A portion, and no attendee question will go unanswered. 

You've spent money before on product after product teaching the mechanical "how to's" of the strength and conditioning world. You've pursued various schools of thought and tried many different programs, diets, supplements, drugs, whatever the case may be, all the while chasing the "answer" in the proportionately small twenty percent that the physical "how to" (mechanics) makes up.

Now it's time to make the most valuable investment in your training career and acquire the knowledge necessary to place you in the ranks of those who make significant change for the better, and live a fulfilled, enriched life knowing that your efforts are producing massive results that others (including the "old you") just can't seem to replicate.

Keep in mind that private coaching from JP starts at $175 per hour, and an in the gym consultation session begins at $200. The value for this two-day event far exceeds the financial investment required. 

Purchase your spots today, this one will fill up quickly. 

Be a part of this graduating class of high performing individuals from the Blueprint to Beast program.