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**NOTE** Registration for this course INCLUDES registration for the TEAM GREYSKULL November class absolutely FREE!


This class is unlike any other ever offered by JP

This is a twelve-week intensive course that kicks off on November 19, 2018, designed to overhaul your shit and get you a serious jump start towards operating at your highest level. 

The course begins with a 30-45 minute phone session with JP where your current situation and objectives are assessed in order to create a plan of action for the following twelve-weeks. From there you receive work to do each week which you then report back to JP for calibration and feedback at the conclusion of the week. The work assigned will vary based on your individual situation but may include:

  • required reading
  • skill acquisition practice
  • social exercises
  • field observation and reporting

...and more.  

Every other week you touch base with JP on additional 30-45 minute phone sessions to discuss your progress and continue to fine tune your approach towards your success. (You also get unlimited text messaging access to JP throughout for those spur of the moment questions). 

This one is all about money, muscle, and sex. It's about helping you develop in the man that you want to be. 

No area of your life and situation are taboo here, be it your professional life, your relationships (or lack thereof), your personal finances, or becoming a higher operating version of yourself that attracts more of all of the above into your life, you and JP will work together to collaboratively demolish your short term goals and chart the course for your longer term successes. 

As noted above, this course also INCLUDES participation in the November TEAM GREYSKULL Class, where the evil geniuses at the place where egos are buried and monsters are born will work with you each week to get your body looking and functioning like the vaginal combat chassis that it's intended to be.

DO NOT miss out on this opportunity. There are only a few spots for the right people on this team that are ready to take serious action and truly take life by the balls. Registration closes for this course at midnight EST on Friday, November 16.

Get Registered today and let's get you fucking going. 


**NOTE from JP: As a special thank you to my Veteran brothers out there, any Veteran looking to register for this course can use the code ALPHAVET at checkout to take 20% off of the price of registration.