Money, Muscle, and Sex: Becoming a Man of Power

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This book addresses what it is to be a "Man of Power", a "man's man" in a day and age where we are witnessing a precipitous decline in traditional masculinity. 

This is for the guy who wants to be the best man, father, lover, provider, and inspirational success story that he can be, a man who is attractive, well-dressed, well-mannered, ambitious, studious, compelling and tremendously influential. 

The man of power gets the table when others wait, is treated like a VIP wherever he goes, has a powerful social circle, wonderful relationships, and a strong, abundant mentality.

He's one part Vito Corleone, one part Denzel's Frank Lucas in "American Gangster", one part Val Kilmer's Doc Holliday in "Tombstone", and in all ways a man to be respected, admired, loved voraciously, and, in the right context, feared.

This book examines the attributes of a man of power, and presents strategies (and loads of real world examples) to help you develop and strengthen said qualities in order to enhance your own personal power.  

Join the fight against the feminization of the modern male, and pick yours up today!