SWOLE: The Greyskull Growth Principles- Second Edition

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Johnny Pain reveals his "secrets", the principles he uses to pack slabs of quality muscle mass on his clients without adding the fat in the process. 
This book is dense with proprietary, how-to information. The principles in this book allow you to construct a diet that fits your needs and grows with you for a mere fraction of the cost of having JP connect the dots for you as a coaching or consulting client. 
This Second Edition reference expands quite a bit on the original version, adding in the mental components of success in mass gain, several recipes for SWOLE Approved meals, as well as several other additions that JP felt he would like to include in this edition. This book is well over TWICE the page count as the original, yet is selling for the same retail price.
If you already own the first edition, and several of JP's other books, there is still plenty of new info in this volume. If you are new to the title, consider yourself fortunate to be able to hop on this expanded and updated work as a starting point. 
Learn how to add pounds of dense muscle to your frame without the unwanted bodyfat that others claim to be a "necessary evil".
Join the fight against obesity, get SWOLE!
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