Twelve Week Virtual Coaching/ Program Design Package

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This service allows you to work directly with Johnny Pain to create your own custom tailored program for the next twelve weeks of your training. First you meet with JP over the phone and through email to discuss your specific goals and situation. From there, JP hits the lab and creates for you a completely custom program for you to follow in order to get the results that you want. 

JP draws on his experience to tailor the program to your needs, keeping in mind your individual factors such as your age, profession, recovery ability, current stats, use of supplements or performance enhancers, equipment availability or limitations, and much more. 

JP can work with you regardless of your goals, but here are a few of the different types of cases that he frequently works with:

  • Body Recomposition
  • Fat Loss and Extreme Fat Loss
  • Mass Gain (a favorite of JP's)
  • Sports Performance
  • Preparation for Fitness Testing for LEO, Fire, etc.
  • Preparation for Military Selection Courses (SFAS, BUDs, DELTA/DEVGRU Selection, Ranger School, etc.)
  • Aggressive Comebacks from Layoffs or Injuries


These represent a few of the cases that JP has taken on in the last twelve months alone. Whatever your fitness needs are, I assure you that JP has the tools needed to see you reach your objective. 

The continued support that you will receive via email and phone (when necessary) make it very easy to get JP's feedback, and continue to evolve your custom plan. 

The price point offered here is a fraction of what it would cost to have JP as your personal coach for twelve weeks of one on one sessions, and represents an extraordinary value based on the return that you will see on your efforts. 


Add this product to your cart today, and start reaping the benefits of leveraging the abilities of JP to help you get exactly what you want.